Pastry with raw local shrimps and strawberries, herb-scented squid ink bread chips.
16,00 €

Liguria-style Cappon magro (seafood and vegetable) salad.
16,00 €
Bluefish in a light lemon sauce, beef tomato and “condiglione” cream
15,00 €
Veal Carpaccio marinated with herbs, with red onion jam and Triora bread wafers.
14,00 €

First dishes

Briga sheep ricotta cheese pie in seafood soup and crispy bacon.
16,00 €
Linguine with lobster, cherry tomatoes and bisque..
18,00 €
Risotto with Bregalla saffron, mussels, burrata cheese and charcoal.
16,00 €
“Simple” cold courgette cream soup, mountain bruzzo cheese and Taggia extra virgin olive oil flavoured with curry.
14,00 €

Main courses

A steamed slice of local fish from the catch of the day, summer vegetable ratatouille with sweet paprika stock.
18,00 €
Seared tuna slice, soy sauce and crispy vegetable salad.
18,00 €
Fried local fish cooked our way, with small calamari, squids, anchovies, local shrimps and sweet and sour beef tomato sauce.
16,00 €
Fragments of Liguria: pork stuffed rabbit, frandura (potato-focaccia) and “bed of Taggia olives”.
18,00 €
Baked catch of the day with seasonal vegetables.
6,00 €/hg


Yoghurt mousse and seasonal fruit salad.

Coffee Bavarois.

White chocolate semifreddo mousse

Sweet meringue ball, Chantilly, passion fruit and dark ginger chocolate.

Babà with Taggia Moscatello sweet wine and zabaione creamn.
7,00 €

Dessert wines (by the glass)

Moscatello di Taggia DOC Mammoliti 8,00 €
Moscato d’Asti DOCG Olim Bauda 4,00 €
Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG Alice Bel Colle 4,00 €
Barolo Chinato DOCG Batasiolo 6,00 €
Roce Roce IGT (Fiano e Greco al 50%) Vinosia 6,00 €
Diamante IGT (Moscato e Traminer aromatico al 50%) Tasca d’Almerita 8,00 €



* Les menus lunch sont réalisés pour toute la table en utilisant les plats du menu à la carte ansi que les légumes du jardin, ou bien les poissons du jour.